Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A very nice weekend

On Friday, I setup a used LinkSys WRT54g router using Tomato Firmware. This gives my router much functionality that isn't included in the stock LinkSys firmware, including SNMP and remote syslog, so that I can more readily monitor what is going across the wire. I got the router for only $30 at Stuff, which has pretty good used equipment.

It was a very nice weekend in Portland; it was actually hot out! On Saturday, we went to the Oregon Zoo. It was crowded, but we have an annual membership, so we got in easily, not having to wait in a very long line to pay for admission. The warm weather seemed to make even the animals lethargic.

Yesterday was our son John's 15th birthday. We ate out at Red Robin, and gave John an 8gb iPod nano for his present.

Friday, April 04, 2008

April has started


We've had very nice weather for most of this week. It has been clear and cold in the morning, but sunny and in the 60s during the afternoon. Today is cloudy and rainy, but I guess we'll survive.

The PAA girls had a softball game last evening that they won by 11 runs. Go Cougars!

I've been busy at work learning about Nagios, Big Brother, and Hobbit, all suites that can be used to monitor system performance, uptime, etc.