Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another week has gone by

Joy has been having some chest pain and she had a heart stress-test/sonogram on Monday. Thank God that it showed no problems.

We've also been having problems with our van. It looks like we're going to at least need a new starter and may also need some transmission work. Oh well, that's life, I guess...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PAA lost to Rainier

It was bittersweet watching Vainiaku's last high school volleyball game yesterday evening in Rainier. I've been attending her games since about 5th grade! Oh, well, basketball season is getting started, and both Vainiaku and Selita are anxious for that.

It was a very beautiful day yesterday, sunny, with the temperature in the 70s. They are forecasting some rain for later today, though.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I got a copy of our family tree from my Uncle Vic in New York that allowed me to extend my Grave's genealogy back to John Graves, born in England about 1605, a big jump! The document had been created by a great-aunt. Before this, on that side of my family, I could only get back to my dad's great grand-father. It was a time-consuming, but very interesting project.

The girls beat Riverdale on Thursday, V's last home volleyball game; I'll miss watching her play! They have an away game tomorrow against the Rainier Columbians.

I'm already looking forward to watching the PAA girls play basketball.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow--it's been a week

Time flies when you're having fun, or so they say...

The PAA Girls Varsity Volleyball team lost their match at Catlin Gabel last week. Last night, they played OES at home and the Aardvarks won--again. I sound kind of like Forrest Gump. The Cougars' last home match is tomorrow evening against the Riverdale Mavericks. Hopefully, they'll win that one.

Vainiaku and several of her PAA classmates got to participate in the Topoff 4 disaster drill yesterday. They thought it was fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PAA Varsity lost to the Pirates

For both the JV and Varsity matches, the games were evenly matched, frequently reaching scores of 23-22, before a win was finally reached. PAA JV won their match 2 games to 1, but varsity lost 3 games to 1. The girls have a game this evening at Catlin Gabel against the Eagles, but I won't be able to attend due to a Love and Respect marriage seminar Joy & I are attending at Pleasant Valley Church. Tomorrow morning, the girls are heading to Walla Walla University for a tournament. Joy & I may try going up on Saturday to watch the evening games.

It was a windy, rainy day at Rockaway Beach. Big waves were crashing onto the jetty as we drove past. It reminded me of typical coastal weather for November, not October.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another Tuesday, another volleyball game

Today, the girls play a volleyball game at Neah-Kah-Nie High School (map). Hopefully, they'll have a better game against the Pirates than last Thursday! This means another late evening, probably getting back home around 10pm.

It has been busy at work--we're trying to get our next release out the door.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another Saturday

The girls lost their games at Warrenton. The Warriors seemed to play better as a team, with crisper passes, etc.

James & I had Multimedia duty at PVC again today. It went pretty smooth, once we figured out how to play MP4 files within EasyWorship.

We're planning on going to visit our good friends Les & Keri this evening and watch some videos.

Tomorrow, my friend John is coming over and we're going to watch several episodes of Dr. Who on our DVR.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The week is half over

Yesterday evening, I went and helped a friend with his computers.... One of them was terminal, but I helped him with another one...

Today, Joy gets to learn how to give me an allergy shot. Neither of us is particularly looking forward to that, I assure you...

Tomorrow, the girls play an away volleyball game against Warrenton Warriors (map). I'm going to carpool with Brian (their coach), since it is so far away. Go Cougars!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No game today

It's Tuesday, but there isn't a volleyball game today, so it seems kind of strange.

Joy has class this evening at Marylhurst University, so she won't be home until after I'm asleep... :-(

Monday, October 01, 2007

A rainy Monday in Oregon

I survived my surgery--although it certainly wasn't enjoyable!

I had Multimedia duty at church on Sabbath--and Saturday night, so I didn't get as much rest as I should have. So, yesterday, I spent most of the day relaxing.

It was wet driving in to work this morning. There was an accident just in front of me coming out of the tunnels onto west bound Sunset Highway, but I navigated it safely.

It's back to work time!